Our Founder

Meet our Founder Frankie Pourron


 As founder and owner of Coastal Executive Recruiters, I am deeply committed to matching client companies’ strategic staffing requirements with the career goals of Impact professionals. I recognize that technical skills, motivation and cultural fit are all key elements of a successful long-term partnership. By spending considerable time with both the client company and the candidate discussing these key requirements, our recruiters are able to present only opportunities and candidates with a high probability of compatibility. Superior talent and teamwork are what separate the great from merely the good.

Prior to founding Coastal Executive Recruiters, I worked for large and small companies in both manufacturing divisions and corporate headquarters. I held  many positions domestically and internationally up to and including Vice President and General Manager, all the while earning a Masters Degree in International Business Administration. Learning from my experiences on how to form effective staffs, I hired and mentored many successful professionals.  Also, as a candidate a few times, I have personally experienced the emotional highs and lows of changing jobs. As both a hiring manager and a candidate, I’ve worked with many recruiting companies and learned the attributes of both the good and the bad ones. Both types are out there, and I take pride in being one of the good ones.

The Coastal Executive Recruiters brand is privately owned and managed, but affiliated with one of the most professional recruiting organizations, MRINetwork™, which offers client companies, candidates and individual recruiters vast resources not often available to independent search companies.

We have developed a strong team of Search Consultants to focus on our client’s needs. We look forward to hearing how we can best serve you and your organization.

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